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Vanessa from Woodbridge, NJ, United States is an ordinary Mom with three kids, one in high school and two in University. Vanessa has recently returned to the corporate life and is resurrecting her old career in human resources.

At 53 years old, she’s also the classic example of a consumer looking to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines associated with aging.

Vanessa has tried numerous other anti-aging and anti-wrinkle products including Botox estimating a monthly investment of $350USD per month on creams and Botox treatments.

Vanessa says, “Athough Botox has been effective I am not happy with the cost, the health risks, and more importantly the ‘fake look’ that you get after each treatment. I just wanted a simple solution that did not jeopardize my health and leave me looking like I had just walked of an episode of the “Real Housewives of Woodbridge.”

Over the past decade Vanessa has reportedly tried more than 90 different anti-wrinkle creams, most producing negligible results.

The Stunning Results

Vanessa first tried Kollagen Intensiv and Eyelasticity in July 2012 and begin applying the products in the evening before bed as instructed.

In just 30 days my friends were asking why I looked so much younger all of a sudden and this was BEFORE they knew about Kollagen Intensiv and Eyelasticity.

I originally thought Kollagen intensiv and Eyelasticity were going to be the same as all the other anti-aging promises that I saw online, but they were offering a free trial and had very good customer reviews online. So even if it didn’t work, I was only out $4.95 for shipping and handling and had nothing to lose.

I used the products as directed, one application about 30 minutes before I went to bed.


I knew instantly Kollagen Intensiv was different than any other anti-wrinkle cream I’d tried by the way it felt on my skin. Wow, it was just really thick and luxurious and absorbed immediately. I felt like my pores shrank instantly and my skin just tingled for hours.


Two weeks into using Kollagen Intensiv and Eyelasticity and the less evident fine lines were already gone. The formula was going after the larger wrinkles at that point, and I realized that the glowing customer reviews were really accurate. Kollagen Intensiv and Eyelasticity really can make you look a decade younger. It was refreshing after trying so many other anti-wrinkle creams that simply didn’t work.


I was in love with Kollagen Intensiv and Eyelasticity at the end of 30 days. The fine lines had disappeared and the larger wrinkles I wanted to get rid of were much less noticeable and were getting better by the day. I was looking so good that I was getting asked if I did Botox, and I knew the best results were yet to come!

During these 30 days I’d also been using Kollagen Intensiv on my neck. It was working there too, my skin was tighter, and I had less hanging skin. The only thing I can further add is that I wish I started using Kollagen Intensiv and Eyelasticity earlier!


“You’re right to be wary of most anti wrinkle creams. I originally felt the same way – until I saw the results. The results are just too good to ignore.”

Should this be of interest to you, we’ve provided links to the Kollagen Intensiv and Eyelasticity trial program on this page. Go ahead and try it. They really are free, you just pay $4.95 for shipping and handling. Try it for 30 days. Then, when you’re seeing results, and you will, the company will send you two more jars at a discounted rate. The Kollagen Intensiv and Eyelasticity trial programs are ending soon so it’s a good idea to sign up immediately before you miss out.

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